Some details...

It’s less than a month until the Interactive Fiction conference. Here are a few details to help with your planning.

SCHEDULE: The schedule for the conference has been posted online:


DIRECTIONS BY TRAIN: From any Center City station, take the Paoli/Thorndale line to the Villanova station.

After leaving the train at Villanova, cross under the tracks through the tunnel, then exit the station toward campus.

Follow the path uphill toward Mendel Hall, which you will recognize by a skywalk above the walking path. The library is the next building past Mendel. If you take a left and follow the path between Mendel and the library, you can walk all the way around the library building to the front entrance.

DIRECTIONS BY CAR: General driving directions and a campus map can be found here:


We recently received permission from the University for everyone attending the conference to park in the faculty parking lot, which is much closer to the library than the main lot. We highly encourage you to park in this garage, as it will make your walk into the library much faster and easier.

Please print out and display on your dashboard this Parking Pass when you arrive: Parking Pass

Directions to the SAC parking garage (follow purple route on map above to the yellow building): From Route 30, turn onto North Ithan Avenue (north, towards the stadium and Pavilion). From there, take second left -- you’ll know it’s the correct turn as there is a booth with a security officer manning it. Let the security officer know you’re here for the VuPop conference, and they should let you in. From the booth, follow the road until you reach a fork. Take the left road of the fork and take your first right into the SAC Parking Garage.

Directions to Falvey Library from the SAC parking garage (follow the green route on map provided from the orange building to the red building): From the upper parking deck,exit from the parking deck towards the SAC building. Take the left immediately before the building and follow the path around the SAC buidling-- the next building now in front of you is Falvey Library. Take the first set of stairs up, then take the up-sloping path to the right to reach the front entrance,

Directions to Falvey Library from the Main Parking Lot (follow the blue route on map provided to the red building): Though the SAC parking lot is a much easier walk, you can still park at our main lot if you wish. If so, cross route 30 and follow the path up to the St. Thomas of Villanova Cathedral. From there, follow the road leading behind the Cathedral and pass St Rita Hall and Austin Hall on your right. After passing these buildings, take the slight right path towards the fountain. Round the fountain and continue on, and Falvey Library will be the building across the access road at the end of the path.

INFORMAL GAME NIGHT: Following the conference, you are welcome to join us for an informal games night in the library starting at 5:00pm (dinner on your own, though we'll probably be ordering pizza, so feel free to join us on that). Several of our staff have volunteered to host conference-related board and card games, though feel free to make suggestions for the evening activities.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email us here.

Also, an emergency contact number will be included in your final registrant email, please feel free to use that number in case of emergency either right before or during the conference.