Our Story So Far...

While storytelling probably began as a very fluid process, several centuries of the printed book have given fiction an air of inflexibility and inevitability. However, for several decades, authors of gamebooks like Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy have been finding ways to directly involve the reader in the narrative of the book and to encompass multiple possibilities within a single volume.

Computer games and other digital media have brought fiction into new and infinitely variable realms. This conference will examine the evolution of interactive fiction and discuss ways in which it can be studied and used pedagogically.

CALL FOR PAPERS / PARTICIPATION: We are currently soliciting proposals for 30-minute presentations relating to all forms of interactive fiction: gamebooks, parser-based text adventure games, hypertext fiction and other areas where storytelling and interaction collide. Those not wishing to submit papers may also volunteer to participate in panel discussions. Please send proposals / expressions of interest to demian.katz@villanova.edu, or fill out our online form.

LOCATION: Falvey Memorial Library, Villanova University. Directions can be found here.

COST: Free! Registration open now.